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Getting Around on Dartmoor

Things to consider when driving on Dartmoor

Public transport is very limited in this rural location - it's part of the attraction! Your own transport is essential for getting here and travelling around the area.

take it slow

The lanes on Dartmoor can be narrow but there are usually plenty of passing places. You might meet someone who is unable to reverse - they might be towing our have cars behind them. If you need to reverse, take it slow - use your wing mirrors to line up on the hedges and use your rear view mirror to check the lane is clear behind you. If someone reverses for you, give them time and space to manoeuvre, particularly at night when dazzling lights can make it difficult to see. A friendly wave of thanks is always appreciated!

take it easy

During wet weather there may be standing water on some of the roads and lanes, take it easy when driving through puddles - they may conceal potholes, especially in the smaller lanes.



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