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Jaded Palates

Discover new, great tasting wines and drinks tailored to your tastes

We want to give guests at Lower Venton Farm a taste of what is so great about living on Dartmoor. One of the many advantages of living in a rural location is being so near to some amazing food and drink producers using locally produced ingredients to give you a unique experience.

When putting together the honesty bar for Widecombe Cottage and The Oak Barn, we wanted to include some of the best drinks produced in the area and to tell our guests a little bit about the people producing them. We went to Jaded Palates in Ashburton for assistance, knowing that Gill and John would give us excellent advice.

Jaded Palates is a small independent business selling a large range of fantastic wines, spirits, local beers and ciders. They take the time to chat with their customers and are only too happy to learn about your tastes and make recommendations - we've discovered some of our favourite wines and beers in this way, and you will find them in our honesty bar!

If you love any of the drinks you find in our honesty bar, you can find them at Jaded Palates, or just pop in for chat - you won't be disappointed!

Finding Jaded Palates

Address: Jaded Palates 12 North Street, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7QD



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