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Emsworthy Mire - Bluebell Fields

Spectacular display of nature at its best

If you're visiting in late May - be sure to head over to Emsworthy Mire for one of the most extraordinary spectacles Dartmoor has to offer. Bluebells carpet the fields and nearby hills and the early morning air is thick with their scent - an unforgettable experience!

Park at the Saddle Tor South Car Park if you can (Google it for directions) - failing that the Hemsworth Gate Car Park is a good spot too. As you walk down the path from the small, pot-holed carpark there is little visible evidence of the spectacular sight awaiting you as you approach Emsworthy Mire.

Meadows richly carpeted with bright blue flowers

Early each summer just two miles from Lower Venton Farm, Emsworthy Mire nature reserve plays host to one of the most spectacular displays of bluebells anywhere! Whilst scant glimpses of misty blue can be seen as you approach, it's only when you walk through the final gateway that you can really appreciate the full spectacle. Meadows richly carpeted with bright blue flowers in strong contrast to the red corrugated roof of the barn in its mossy walled enclosure that forms the centrepiece of the display.

Photos can barely do the spectacle justice, particularly as it's impossible to convey the scent of the flowers as you walk through them towards the barn.

Take the time to enjoy the spectacular range of wildlife

Having witnessed this extraordinary spectacle, take the time to explore the waymarked paths around the nature reserve which is home to a spectacular range of plants, birds, butterflies and insects.

Finding Emsworthy Mire



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