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Slapton Sands & Torcross

A stunning pebble beach and Nature Reserve

Slapton Sands is stunning a 3 mile long pebble beach located between Dartmouth and Kingsbridge on the South Coast - about 45 minutes drive from Lower Venton Farm.

In 1943 the beach was used by the allies in Exercise Tiger - a rehearsal for the D-Day Landings. A combination of enemy action, and 'friendly-fire' fatalities resulted in the deaths of over 700 soldiers - more than were killed in the landings themselves. A salvaged Sherman Tank in Torcross car park serves as a monument to those that lost their lives.

The beach is steeply shelving with cold clear waters - a great place to swim, but keep an eye on your depth! Running parallel with the beach is a nature reserve and the freshwater lake Slapton Ley with walks along the banks.

If you're hungry there is a beachside cafe and the Start Bay Inn serves some some of the best fish and chips on the coast!

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