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Adventure Activities

Family run Crag 2 Mountain will guide you through your adventures on Dartmoor


Crag 2 Mountain is an Adventure Activities company based on Dartmoor and run by husband and wife Baz and Georgia, together with their team of experienced and fully qualified instructors. 


Activities include:

  • Hill walking & navigation

  • Rock climbing and bouldering

  • Winter climbing & mountaineering

  • Adventures for children & families

​Baz and Georgia aim to make adventure activities accessible.  They hope to inspire children, families and adults to explore outdoor adventures and to develop the skills, confidence and inspiration to undertake their own adventures.  They love Dartmoor and hope to develop the same appreciation in others.

Lower Venton Farm is just a stone's throw from Bonehill Rocks - some of the best bouldering in the country - why not get in touch with Crag 2 Mountain and make the most of your Dartmoor adventure!


​Contacting Crag 2 Mountain

Address: 6 Bellever Close,  Princetown, Dartmoor, Devon PL20 6RT



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